You can still be one of the first ten cities to appear here! We're waiting for you to join the European Shared Mobility Accelerator and to take your shared mobility policy to the next level!



Unlike other indices, the European Shared Mobility Accelerator is not a hierarchical list. We believe that the complexity of the topic and the variety of the parameters influencing the (good) implementation of shared mobility makes it nearly impossible to give an exact numerical score to the participants. Therefore, we divide participating municipalities into four categories, each with their own label.

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There are four labels, each with their own colour code.

  1. To receive the label Getting started means exactly that: you’re only just getting started with implementing shared mobility. There will still be a lot to improve, but it’s even more applaudable that you’re already making the effort. 

  2. The label Pushing through means that you’ve taken the next big step on the shared mobility ladder. You’ve made great efforts to get the integration of shared mobility in your municipality to this point, but you still need to establish the offer firmly into place. 

  3. When you’re Well on the way, shared mobility is already an established feat in your municipality. Nevertheless, you still need to get to the full acceleration point by improving certain elements.

  4. If you’ve received the Full speed level, you already know shared mobility rocks and you try to maintain shared mobility as an important feature in your shared mobility system. Of course, a perfect score is nearly impossible to get. That means improvement is always possible and you should strive for that. 


Every municipality is placed in one out of four categories that are based on the amount of inhabitants. Your municipality will only be compared to municipalities in the same category.

A small village will therefore never be compared to a big city. In fact, it is perfectly possible a small village receives the same label as a metropolitan city!

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