With support of the Interreg North Sea Region project SHARE-North, Autodelen.net and Mpact developed The European Shared Mobility Accelerator. They are two non-profit organisations based in Belgium, but creating shared mobility buzz in Europe and beyond. 

Mpact started its shared mobility activities already in 1975, Autodelen.net was founded in 2003. Together they have more than 64 years of experience on shared mobility, working in many European funded programmes (e.g. MOMO-Car-Sharing, Stars, SocialCar, Care-North, G-PATRA, Inclusion). They are members of the official advisory board for transport for the Flemish and Brussels regional governments.

Autodelen.net and Mpact have years of experience in collaborating with local cities like Ghent, Mechelen, Brussels, Leuven, but are working internationally as well. Their event Shared Mobility Rocks in 2021 had visitors from 66 countries, collaborations with studios on every continent and expert speakers from almost every time zone.

Both organisations have a mission to see shared mobility as a tool to make cities more liveable and regions more accessible. Shared Mobility is a way to lead to more sustainable travel like walking, cycling or collective transport.



Angelo Mpact.jpg


Passionate. Creative. Experienced. Angelo started in 2007 to work for Mpact and was involved in many national and international shared and connected transport programmes. His mission is to make shared mobility rock in every corner of Europe.



Since 2008, Jeffrey has been director of Autodelen.net. Together with the Autodelen.net team he is working on combining and defending the interests of all car sharing providers and private car sharing groups. He’s one of the inventors of the Green Deal Shared Mobility, mobihubs in Flanders and Shared Mobility Rocks.



Esther has been part of the Autodelen.net team since mid-2019. She’s one of the European Shared Mobility Accelerator architects. Esther also likes to accelerate the long term integration of shared mobility in residential environments and thus to make shared mobility more accessible.



Arne, since 2019 a Shared Mobility Rock artist. Arne was involved in the design and development of the European Shared Mobility Accelerator. Arne is a member of the official Flemish Advisory Board for Transport.


The European Shared Mobility Accelerator is an initiative by two entities:

Mpact vzw 

Koningin Maria Hendrikaplein 65B – 9000 Ghent - Belgium

info@mpact.be | BE 0415.131.393 | RPR Ghent, section Ghent

Autodelen.net vzw

Kon. Astridlaan 185  – 9000 Ghent - Belgium

info@autodelen.net | BE 0865.261.180 | RPR Ghent, section Ghent