Come join us and participate in the ESMA trajectory. At this moment, the first ten cities can enter for free. To see how it works, check out the four steps below.


The first step in the ESMA trajectory is to fill in a questionnaire touching on the following subjects. 

  • What are your views regarding to (shared) mobility?

  • How many different shared mobility modes do you have in your municipality?

  • How do you communicate about and stimulate the use of these shared mobility modes?

  • What is the impact of the (shared) mobility system in your municipality?

Based on the answer you give us, we’ll return the favor with a brief report on your position on the shared mobility track. 


You'll receive one out of four cool labels from us that tell you where you landed on the shared mobility track. Be proud and inspire others by sharing  your label in your own communication channels. From our part, we'll share your success stories so other municipalities can get inspired by your shared mobility policy. 

In addition, you'll be able to compare yourself with other participating cities. Benchmarking your great efforts with other European cities can make your own city, your local press or your political representatives more aware of the work you are doing on shared mobility. On top of that, you can get inspired by the successes of other municipalities as well. 

Of course, we make a clear agreement on what we can communicate about your city. We only share the things you want us to share. 


Our ESMA team will define at least three aspects to improve yourself, whatever label you'll receive. These points of improvement will be added to your report. We invite you to work with us on these domains and to get to the next level on the shared mobility track. 

The European Shared Mobility Accelerator means to be a stepping stone towards a well thought-out shared mobility action plan: a comprehensive plan to make your municipality more liveable and sustainable. In creating or improving such a SMAP, you can get our advice on different aspects of shared mobility.

Let us help you to set up a specific shared mobility communication campaign, to improve your implementation of a specific shared mobility mode, etc. 


The best way to improve yourself is to monitor your progress regularly. That’s why we invite you to participate in the European Shared Mobility Accelerator every year. In this way, you can check how you’ve improved since last year and monitor the effects of the shared mobility in your municipality year after year. 

Participating every year thus makes it easier for you to maximize the benefits of shared mobility in your municipality.