Brussels has an extensive sustainable mobility
strategy worked out, called Good Move. Good
Move is the clear starting point for a well thought
out implementation of shared and sustainable
mobility, because it integrates the shared
mobility into an overarching sustainable mobility
strategy and because it already defines fifty concrete
actions on how to implement these sustainable
mobility ideas in the city. Thus Brussels
doesn’t let shared mobility fall into a void, but
links it very well to goals on how a metropolitan
area should be developed, paying attention to
diverse focal areas that combined will make for a
liveable and sustainable mobility system.


Good Move wasn’t just made up by the city administration.
In the development of the strategy,
the Brussels Capital Region let all relevant
parties participate in the process of strategy
making. Thus, Good Move eventually became the
plan of all Brussels residents, surely enforcing
the wide support for the strategy. This participatory
approach will be repeated in other pilot projects
concerning shared and sustainable mobility
as well. Something we can only look up to!


People are not always prone to change their mobility
behaviour from one day to the next. Luckily,
the Brussels Capital Region makes it easy for residents
to do so. With the Brussel’Air allowance,
citizens of the region can get a budget to spend
on sustainable mobility alternatives when they
dispose of their own car. The list of ways on how
to spend the budget is extensive enough and
furthermore, citizens can count on the Brussels
Mobility Coach to help them find the best solution
for their specific mobility behaviour. In this
way, the Brussels Capital Region helps people to
adapt to new mobility systems.


A Good Move strategy is one thing, but Brussels
also keeps on experimenting with sustainable
and shared mobility systems. In the near future,
mobility hubs might be implemented, ensuring
an even more integrated approach to shared and
sustainable mobility. Brussels also follows the
latest mobility trends by implementing cargo bikes
and more zero emission vehicles. We’re sure
looking forward to other investments Brussels
will make!


Brussels knows where she’s headed concerning
shared mobility, but she also tries to keep track
of the impact the implementation of shared mobility
has. An annual report of parking.brussels
on car sharing and a monitoring of the impact on
car ownership in the city, make sure that Brussels
can keep on improving their mobility system
in the future. While their approach to monitoring
should be more worked out, we can still cheer on
the efforts Brussels makes to get the information
they need.