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Shared mobility is booming all across Europe. To maximize the benefits of all shared mobility initiatives, we wanted to make a tool for local governments of all sizes to gain insights in their shared mobility policies. The European Shared Mobility Accelerator is all about the positive impact of shared mobility in cities of all sizes. Shared mobility ensures a lot of social and ecological benefits in your municipality. From creating more public space, to lessening air pollution, decreasing traffic and increasing social cohesion, shared mobility is an essential part in creating more liveable and sustainable cities.

But a lot of indices already exist. They monitor the implementation of shared mobility in bigger cities and have proven to be a great tool to create buzz around the topic. Monitoring your own progress on the shared mobility track and comparing yourself to others motivates you as nothing else to improve yourself on the shared mobility track. This is why we wanted to develop a new index, to enable visibility of your efforts on shared mobility. 

ESMA is designed to be an invaluable addition to current indices. We want to create an index for every European municipality, because not only the bigger cities deserve to gain insight in their current shared mobility policy. Next to that, we want to take more than just a snapshot of the way shared mobility is deployed. With ESMA we give every local government a qualitative examination on the way shared mobility is implemented and substantiated advice on how it can be improved.

Why was ESMA developed?: Get Involved
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